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About Feel Photography

Home is actually a funny word, because it is different for every individual. My actual home is in Almere, the Netherlands, where I live and from where I visit many other homes. Spencer, Indiana USA I also call my home, since I have spent much time there as well and have actual neighbors…I am a portrait and travel photographer and I want to show you in what marvellous world we live and what great people this world inhabit.

My Work

I have been working as a photographer for many years now and traveling is my passion. During my travels, I love watching people and enjoying various cultures. I also meet different cultures in my class rooms being a teacher. I love teaching, and enjoy working with my students .

Contact me

Please contact me with any questions or requests for photography assignments. I will answer your e-mails within 24 hours if possible. My pictures can be ordered, please contact me through this website. I am available for photoshoots as well, most of the time I live in the Netherlands, but I might be in Indiana as well, just contact me.

More Work