A word from the photographer

Feel Photography is all about world travel photography and portraits from around the globe.
Feel Photography is all about love for the earth and its inhabitants.
Feel Photography is all about a heart and an eye for natural beauty.

I have been traveling around the world for many years now. At the beginning, I took a simple camera with me and wanted to take some snapshots from events and people. As I traveled more, I began to appreciate the immense beauty that lies in unexpected corners and simple, yet astonishingly beautiful faces.

Being a teacher, I have always felt attracted to the inner beauty of people. On my journeys, I added a love for visual beauty, both in people and in nature. My strongest wish is to keep combining this dual love for the in- and outside of the surrounding world. I have been blessed by many possibilities to teach, study and travel around the world. My pictures are a visual of my feelings while working and traveling. My portfolio consists of my later pictures I was able to take during the last couple of years in the Netherlands, my home country, Europe, Australia, China, Peru, Vietnam, the USA, Canada, Malaysia, Indonesia, Tanzania, South-Africa, Cambodia, and Taiwan.

My future hope is to travel more and take pictures of many more treasures this world is offering. My prayer is this world will be able to keep astonishing us for many more generations to come.

– Adri Hendriksen