Trip to Bali 2016

Chinese New Year…. staying in Taipei was not really an option. I am not a big fan of fire works as Chinese like them. Although rainy season in Bali, we -my husband and I- decided to give it a try. A former stay at Nusa Dua promised a great island. And we were right! Bali is a beautiful island with wonderful people. Arriving at Denpasar -a newly built airport Bali style- we went to Ubud first. This being the famous village of Eat, Pray and Love by Elisabeth Gilbert, we got to experience the food of this great place. Not so sure about the Lavak coffee, drinking coffee that has been pooped by some creatures, we enjoyed every bit of Ubud. Especially the cycling part gave us a great insight into the way of living in this part of Bali. However, our next stop was even more amazing: a lodge amidst the quiet ricefields and mountains in the background. Munduk. How peaceful place this world can be…. Rainy season yes, we almost had to peddle to our next destination,more in the east, Tirtagangga, famous for its water palaces. Guided by our lovely host Ardi (what’s in a name….) we spent a wonderful morning in these gardens. Not very old, but most of them badly maintained. Not to mention our final stay in Sanur. Pouring rain, but also lovely weather.

Bali 2016


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beautifully dressed up for the holiday

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Lovely face

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Munduk sunset

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Ubud view from our room

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Munduk, rice field walk

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Munduk, traditional wedding

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Hindu holiday Waterpalace in Tirtagangga

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Ubud, cycle and recyle

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Ubud, rice field work

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Living community near Ubud, grandma being curious…

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Family member – dream away

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Sanur – Chines couples taking selfies

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Tirtagangga, biggest and best maintained water palace

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Water palace Tirtagangga